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Pre-Screening and Assessment

We offer a growing set of health assessments and risk stratification. Examples include a full health and blood profile for males and females including age related biomarkers, automatic ACSM CAD Risk Factors and Risk Stratification and more.

We have chosen to provide for you perhaps the most important pre-screening used by Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) CAD Risk Stratification.

Vo2 Max fitness testing

A full set of Vo2 Testing automatic calculators including both maximal and sub-maximal Vo2 Tests such as Rockport, Cooper test, 12 Minute Run Test, and even a Vo2 Max predictor for those who cannot take a test.

We have included here one of the most popular submaximal Vo2 prediction tests called the Rockport One Mile Walk Test for you to try out. We include a full tutorial on how to conduct the assessment.

Training Calculators

Again, we put the science at your fingertips by offering a growing set of training calculators inside the members area. No need to get out your calculator, you just fill in the blanks and we do the rest. When done, simply email the form via PDF and Image for your records and to send a copy on to your clients!

Here is an example of our Repetition Predictor used to calculate the weight to use for any % of a clients RM. Use this to calculate either predicted 1RM from any maximum reps or to provide a client RM training for strength, power and endurance.

tracking tools and charts

Any good trainer knows the secret to success is through effective pre-post and program tracking!

We have spent years developing our basic and sophisticated tracking tools. In the membership area we provide you several body stats, nutrition and workout tracking spreadsheets along with where to find the best external tracking on the net.

Here is a basic sample of our weight loss predictor charts. Inside the membership area you can set all the parameters to customise the start and target weight and much more.

Custom Form Generators

Custom form generators save you hours of work by customising pre-designed business forms to you use with clients. We also offer members the opportunity to submit a request for a custom form. Therefore if you have a form you use often, we can create if for you inside the members area.

Waiver forms are a necessary part of your practice. Here we include a sample waiver to demonstrate our custom form generator. Please note, this is for ‘sampling’ and should not be used for general practice. As the saying goes, this is for education purposes only.

Our members area includes forms which can be auto generated and then edited and fully customised accordingly.



Fill in the blanks and then predict many variables based on each clients statistics from target weight and composition, heart rate training profile, nutrition profiles and programming, to our impressive client personalised full energy metabolics (all without needed to know a single metabolic calculation!).

Here is our tutorial demonstrating one of our best forms. This is where we are head and shoulders above the rest. JJ Armstrong is a master at training and metabolic equations.

In your membership area JJ provides you with several automatic advanced client profiles to predict all kinds of scientific calculations on your clients to increase the effectiveness of your training.