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Personal Trainers… Find Out How You Can Prescribe Precise Scientific Exercise Prescriptions to Anyone in the World Based on Knowing JUST ONE NUMBER?

What if you could give detailed Exercise Plans from JUST ONE NUMBER…

Find out what that number is NOW and how you can use it to instantly know a person’s:

  • Exact Calories based on any given intensity (not generic estimates)
  • How long they can exercise at a given intensity before becoming anaerobic
  • How far they can go at any given pace or speed to suit their current level of fitness
  • plus much more!

Discover the most underused exercise prescription tool in the fitness industry.

This tool can be used to provide clients with PRECISE individual exercise prescriptions. Deliver your exacting exercise programs and advice to anyone worldwide without even meeting them!

Immediately set yourself APART with this knowledge…

Personal Trainers
Athletic Trainers and Coaches
Weight Loss Programmers

Find out more by entering your details in the form on the right NOW and How To Join the New Elite Exercise Programmers.

See you on the other side!